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We provide full scaffolding shot blasting and painting of all modular scaffolding systems, Kwikstage and traditional tube and fitting scaffolding systems and scaffolding supplies. Working in partnership with leading paint manufacturers gives us the ability to provide a full spectrum of robust, premium quality protective paint finishes.

Blast Cleaning

Process 1

Before any inspection blast cleaning is the first priority to ensure sufficient cleanliness – exposing any defects or damage.

Blast cleaning processes are conducted using a traditional 4 wheel shot blasting machine, other smaller components are processed through a barrel shot blasting machine which carefully erodes all

surface paint and debris. This process is highly powered, fully automatic, fast and efficient – greatly reducing cleaning costs in comparison to other cleaning methods.


Process 2

Once the blast cleaning process is complete and all defects can be easily identified, scaffolding is then stringently inspected for flaws, defects, damage, rust and rot. Following this process our internal quality assurance procedures are then conducted.

Painting and Finishing

Process 4

Incorporated within our manufacturing and reconditioning centre is our scaffold shot blasting & painting division. Our finishing team has just as much immense attention to detail, backed by some of the latest technologies available – to ensure all scaffolding, fittings or components are finished to the highest possible standard, with the same level of longevity and robustness as that of newly manufactured, factory-fresh scaffolding.

During this process scaffolding and scaffold components are painted by following a fully dipped procedure or, conventionally sprayed with a recognizable, durable protective paint. A wide variety of colours are available to allow personalisation of your equipment in your own corporate company colours. Providing easy identification within construction sites and projects.